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Venetucci Farm: Feasibility Analysis On Future Use

Venetucci Farm: Feasibility Analysis on Future Use

Venetucci Farm has an important legacy in our community. As so, in consideration of the PFC-contamination of the Widefield Aquifer, the Pikes Peak Community Foundation (PPCF) commissioned this study of viable uses of the Venetucci Farm property. Since the land can no longer produce edible crops or sell water rights, PPCF must find other ways of generating revenue for the land. In this project, you will assess the many models and ideas proposed for the Farm in terms of operational feasibility, financial sustainability and community impact in order to develop recommendations on the best uses for the Farm. PPCF intends to use this work to inform the search for and eventual identification of a viable operator for the Farm. This phase will build on the work of previous teams to prove an operating model that will preserve the farm’s impact for generations to come.

The previous teams worked on several possible solutions. Click the boxes below to learn more about each approach.

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