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Birding is an interactive, yearlong activity, that a large demographic can take part in. From school kids to elderly bird enthusiasts, birding allows different people to come together and share their love for being in nature and seeing something new.

The state of Colorado is ranked within the best ten states to go birding, with over 1.3 million acres that are important birding areas due to its variety of habitat types. El Paso county in particular is host to many different birding habitats ranging from alpine tundra to grasslands. However, the county is short on “birdable” large bodies of water. Venetucci Farm is positioned perfectly along a vital bird migration corridor and has Fountain Creek running through its property, making it a unique area for birding. Due to its geographical location, the probability of seeing birds is large, but is currently only being utilized by an older population who has been birding at the farm for most of their life. Venetucci has the potential to be a birding hot spot again and can attract more groups, both from and educational and leisure standpoint.

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