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Beekeeping has the potential to support the health of the farm and to provide an educational attraction. Pollination from bees increases the yield of crops and would support the health of a community garden. The typical honey output per hive in Colorado is 2 – 2.5 gallons a year. Honey can be sold for about $69/gallon, so one hive can produce roughly between $138-$170 of honey per year. Creating honey combs and other products can increase revenue. Recouping initial fixed costs takes about four years. One can have up to forty hives per acre. A hive would not need to be placed adjacent to a community garden or crops; bees will travel as far as 1.5-3 miles from their hive to a garden. The hives could be a bit isolated from other sections of the farm so that bees are not too concentrated in other areas.

Beekeeping could form a simple, but core attraction. People enjoy looking at hives through glass panes, watching beekeeping demonstrations and potentially even putting on the suit and engaging with the bees. Having bees and a beekeeping garden fits into the narrative of sustainability that permeates Venetucci Farm. Beekeeping would not be a good source of direct revenue for the farm. However, if the right partnership is established the hives could be managed for free, with honey profits going to the beekeeper.

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