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Community Garden

Community Garden

A community garden is one of the strongest ways to give the community at large a role in the stewardship of Venetucci Farm. Allowing local urban homesteaders to take ownership and responsibility for a small piece of the property brings in free labor, ensuring that food continues to grow at Venetucci, though clean water would have to be brought in. A garden has high educational value for people of all ages, providing valuable lessons regarding sustainable agriculture and reshaping the food system.  Sections of the garden could be reserved for school groups and summer camps to work the land. The garden could benefit from other uses of the farm in a symbiotic relationship. Fresh and free compost from a composting operation as well as access to a greenhouse would support the garden and entice local urban homesteaders to choose Venetucci over other community gardens. A beekeeping operation could support the health of the garden and the garden could be enhanced with pollinator flowers. A seasonal farmers market could be set up on the property, perhaps during harvest season in tandem with a fall festival operation, in which users of the community garden sell their extra produce. Although it is more difficult to manage, a shared-space community garden would embody Venetucci Farm as a place where community grows together.

Venetucci cannot reshape the local food system, but a community garden on Venetucci has the opportunity to be a shining example of sustainability in small-scale agriculture. It could incorporate advanced farming techniques such as drip tape and rain barrels.

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