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Educational Programs K-12

Educational Programs K-12

The team considers re-opening Venetucci to educational programs for children as a key purpose of the farm. Venetucci Farm formerly offered programming for school groups and a day camp in the summer. In the past, 500-1,000 kids would come to the farm in a good Spring or Fall season in groups of 75-80, coming from as far as Monument and Woodland Park. Summer camp had 75-80 kids and would only go for about 3 hours a day. The camp was mostly run with volunteers and generated 8k to 10k in revenue over the summer. Many of the farm uses the team has considered work together to make Venetucci Farm a model for environmental sustainability and an excellent space for environmental education. Uses of the farm such as beekeeping, a community garden, composting and even drying spent grain all help teach about sustainability in the local food system. The team also considers the contamination of the aquifer to be a valuable element in the educational potential of the property.

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