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Fall Festival And Corn Maze

Fall Festival and Corn Maze

The Pumpkin Giveaway is Venetucci Farm’s signature event and has a well-established reputation in the community. Maintaining the Pumpkin Giveaway as a free event by giving each child a complimentary pumpkin is key to honoring the legacy of the Venetucci. However, a revenue generating “Fall Festival” could be built in conjunction with the Pumpkin Giveaway. Picking and taking home a pumpkin could remain free for all children, but an admission price could be charged for all other Fall Festival activities.

A typical fall festival operation runs from mid-September through Halloween and includes elements such as a hayride, pumpkin carving, a hay bale slide, corn bins, tube swings, face painting, petting zoos and jumping pillows. There are a few competing pumpkin patches in the Colorado Springs area, although there are few within a half hour drive of Security-Widefield. The best known of these local operations is the Colorado Pumpkin Patch. A Fall Festival built off of the pumpkin giveaway is the most apparent way for Venetucci Farm to expand into the agritainment business

A corn maze can be a significant draw to a fall festival. Corn mazes range from simple operations on a few acres to intricate mazes with themes, puzzles, storylines and play-actors; picture the Broncos logo mowed into a field or an escape room-style competition in a corn maze setting. There are entire design firms dedicated to building advanced corn mazes or GPS software and mobile technology to aide in do-it-yourself projects. Depending on the scale, intricacy and difficulty of the maze, a corn maze could attract a wider demographic range than a simple fall festival, including those 19-30. A family-friendly corn maze by day could easily translate into a haunted corn maze by night.

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