Camilla Haddock // Student Story

October 18, 2018

Camilla, a senior at UCCS studying Geography and Environmental Studies, is working with her team on a project with Colorado Springs Utilities geared toward future directives in alternative energy sources.

My name is Camilla Haddock. I was born in Texas and raised in Colorado, so I would say that I’m a semi-native to the area. We moved to Colorado when I was 3 in order for my dad to find job opportunities, so I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the mountains for the majority of my life. I am currently attending my final semester at UCCS as a Geography and Environmental Studies major with a focus on sustainability. I am a lightly seasoned traveller who has been to the fertile country of Ireland and who has experienced “la pura vida” in Costa Rica. I love to be outside soaking up the sunshine, and one of my favorite hobbies/sports is stand up paddle-boarding in the summer. Having a SUP allows me to explore the variety of lakes this world has to offer and enjoy serenity and peace on the water. I’m very sad that the season is already over, but I was lucky enough to paddle on Lake Havasu (AZ/CA) and Lake Tahoe (CA/NV) over the summer, so I cannot complain. Life is beautiful!

I have big plans after graduation! I am passionate about pursuing a career in renewable energy because I am determined to implement sustainable and reliable sources of energy to support the growth and advancement of humankind. Specifically, I want to be a part of the project development to establish renewable plants in whichever state/country I end up living. I am currently interning for Colorado Springs Utilities to help create innovative recommendations for energy production to fulfill consumption in the future. I joined the Quad because the senior advisor in my department encouraged me to apply for a position at the Quad in order to gain relevant experience that pertains to my desired career. I cannot be more excited to be working on this project. Everyday that I am conducting research, running cost-benefit analyses, and calculating growth or change gives my life a sense of fulfillment that I have always felt when envisioning my goals. This internship is truly what I am meant to be doing at this point in my life.

My favorite parts about working with the Quad are engaging with students with diverse educational backgrounds that provide ways of understanding which are different from my understanding. Being exposed to a variety of operative thinking processes helps people to gain new ways to approach and solve problems. I believe that the Quad is an asset because it is helping to connect and network people within the academic sector and within the local community. The Quad provides a space for students to demonstrate their abilities and apply them to a project while making a lasting impact on the community in which we live.