Sarah Himmelberg // Student Story

December 5, 2018

Sarah is a biology major at the United States Air Force Academy and member of our Venetucci Farms Project.

Sarah Himmelberg moved from Scottsdale, Arizona to attend the United States Airforce Academy and is majoring in biology. Before moving to Colorado Springs to attend the Academy, Sarah lived in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sarah is currently a member of the Scuba and Swim Club Teams at the Academy and enjoys both very much. In 2017, Sarah also played Volleyball at USAFA. Though she enjoys all her extracurricular activities, her favorite things to do are traveling, cooking, and spending time with her two dogs. After graduation Sarah hopes to be a pilot and fly a C-17. She would also like to pursue higher education and earn her PhD in Marine Biology.

Sarah joined the Quad Innovation Partnership in order to find a meaningful activity to fill her time. She is pleased with the choice. The opportunity to work with students from other schools is awesome and she is grateful for the experience thus far. Sarah is part of the Venetucci Farm Team and has been working toward sustainable solutions and direction for the Farm with the Pikes Peak Community Foundation. Sarah has found this partnership to be an interesting insight into the community of Colorado Springs. She looks forward to the rest of the semester with her awesome team!