Spring Semester Applications // Open Now

December 12, 2018

During the Quad’s most recent Demo Day where our students presented to the public the great work they completed Fall 2018 Semester, Jake Eichengreen, our Executive Director, shared insight into what college graduates are seeking out when making decisions for their future.

“[Graduates are searching for] meaningful work- a mix of impact…growth…excitement and fun. Impact is the number one thing of importance today. Graduates see problems in their communities and want to go to work solving them.

Less than 20% of graduates have interest in climbing the traditional corporate ladder; they desire to be at the table and contibute today. Two-thirds of graduates also say that their life goal, not their profession or career goal, but their life goal is to be at the top of their profession.

Success after college = the ability to do meaningful work.”

This is where the Quad enters the scene. At the Quad Innovation Partnership, we provide opportunities for undergrads and recent graduates that align with this desire to do meaningful work right in our own community of Colorado Springs.

Want to join the Quad and participate in impactful, meaningful work? Do you have an interest in understanding Energy Consumption and Future Energy Directives, Project Planning for Sustainability on a Historical Farm, Understanding and Creating Better Food Access, Advancing Developments for Aging Populations, or doing Research for Cutting Edge Technology Applications? Then the Quad is the place you want to be! Applications for our Spring Semester are open now!