Social Enterprise Directory Project

December 16, 2018

Sandy Fales, recent UCCS graduate and Quad Research Fellow, pictured in the video below, is creating best practices for a “Do Good” Business directory for Colorado Springs and beyond.

The Quad has partnered with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado and the Colorado Institute for Social Impact to create the first ever Social Enterprise or “Do Good” Business Directory! This directory has the objective to provide consumers with the power of knowing where their community spending makes the most impact.

Imagine being able to reinvent what it means to consume. What if every dollar we spend could be doing something good? That is the goal with this directory. For instance, you, the consumer, are shopping for a gift; imagine if, in your search of local businesses to patron, you are able to discover businesses that not only exist to make a profit but businesses that rest their company goals and values on doing good right in your own community!

We need YOUR help in creating this directory!

Do you know a business that does good things in your community? Tell us here!

Do YOU own a business that rests their company values in creating good? Tell us here!

We value your input and want to include the businesses that matter to you. We look forward to creating a robust directory for Colorado Springs, the state of Colorado and beyond! Help us map out the 4th sector!