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Brieanna Bryant / Student Story

Brieanna Bryant / Student Story

Brieanna Bryant is an Economics and Political Science Major at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and was a member of our fall Silver Key Team.

My name is Brieanna Bryant. I was born in Memphis Tennessee, but my family always enjoyed the Colorado lifestyle and the beautiful scenery here in Colorado and decided to call this state home. I am a student at the University of Colorado here in Colorado Springs. I’m studying economics and Political Science with an emphasis in American Politics and Public Law and a minor in Pre-Law. I will be graduating May of 2019!

 I’ve always wanted to go to law school and become an attorney for the Innocence Project, however, my experiences with The Quad has developed and enlightened some skills I never knew I possessed; because of this I will be joining the workforce hopefully doing business consulting work instead of going straight into law school.

I joined The Quad wanting to dip my toes into something other than law. I knew I wanted to help others and engage with our community. I had no idea how I was going to do that. The Quad made that goal more than possible and granted experiences that I could have never imagined. When I first join The Quad, I worked on developing policy for Permanent Supportive Housing for our homeless community. This humbling experience changed the way I thought about community service. This project allowed my opinion to matter. What I was presenting to City Council was going to change the way Colorado Springs deals with our homeless community.

That feeling was so incredible, I craved more. The project I’m currently working on is developing a Social Enterprise for a Local Non-Profit. It’s been awesome being able to use the tools I have been taught in the classes that I thought I would never use. Both teams I worked with were amazing. Collaborating with others from different universities gave me different perspectives and outlooks on problems that I could not figure out on my own. Furthermore, the reassurance, support, and trust the team provides one another is invaluable.

The Quad has cultivated my self-awareness in a professional setting, the art of collaborating with diverse communities, and inspired innovative ways to solve problems. This organization is vital in the progression and integration of younger generations to the City of Colorado Springs, and I’m thankful to be apart of such an innovative organization.

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