Gina Galjour // Student Story

March 27, 2019

Gina Galjour is a current student at Pikes Peak Community College studying Economics and is part of the Quad Affordable Housing team.

My first name is Italian, my last name is French, but I am actually half Japanese and a Colorado native. Much like my name, none of my life decisions have made much sense. For example, after graduating high school at the ripe age of 18, I made a last minute decision to study abroad in Lithuania. I spent a semester studying international politics and development and it was enlightening to gain a broader perspective of the world from my classmates, especially since I was there during the United States 2016 election. I love trying new foods and seeing new places, but my favorite part about studying abroad was meeting people from all over the world. I love hearing what their views are about America, what their passions are, their favorite food, etc.  Making connections with people from all kinds of backgrounds has inspired me to move towards a career in international relations/diplomacy.

My traveling did not stop after Lithuania. I grew up in the same city and house so after seeing what lies beyond the mountains of Colorado Springs, it was hard to stop. Up until now, I’ve been to 12 countries, and each place has been a rewarding experience. There is not a single place in this world I do not want to visit, though most places that I am making a priority are countries where I have a friend living there. I met so many amazing people from all over the world, in both Colorado, and aboard, so I hope to have the opportunity to experience their culture someday. I unfortunately picked an expensive hobby; however, I’ve learned to do it affordably: I track flights like the stock market, stay in hostels or with friends, and take public transportation when possible.  It’s hard to explain why I love traveling but I think it’s the feeling of being in the present. Navigating a new city and culture leaves no time to think about the past or future. You are thrusted into a place full of unknowns, and therefore you don’t think about anything else other than where you are now.

My travels have slowed down a bit, and now I am currently a student at Pikes Peak Community College studying economics. Economics plays an important role in international relations, but I also like this field of study because it’s about choice. As someone who is meticulous about decisions, economics has allowed me to plan and view personal challenges in a new light.

Joining the Quad was my first “real world experience” and I have been enjoying every second.  I am on the affordable housing team working on research in housing specifically for senior citizens. It’s one thing to do research for a school project, but to do research that you know is making an impact has been a rewarding experience. This project is quite the challenge; rising housing costs is an issue faced by communities over the world and there still hasn’t been a solid solution. These types of issues require outside-the-box kind of solutions, which is why I think the Quad is so beneficial to the Colorado Springs community. Working with teammates from different schools and backgrounds has been advantageous in coming up with a solution and I am proud of the progress we’ve made so far.