Sarah Leve // Student Story

March 28, 2019

Sarah Leve is a senior at Colorado College majoring in Sociology with a minor in Political Science. She joins the Quad this spring semester working on the El Paso County Public Health Food Access team.

Hi there! My name is Sarah Leve and I am a student working on the Quad’s Food Access Project. Originally from Montclair, NJ, I moved to Colorado Springs four years ago to attend Colorado College in the fall of 2015. While I miss my hometown for its delicious food, familiar faces, and proximity to New York City, I have loved calling Colorado home and will miss the mountains and sunshine when I go. I am currently a senior Sociology major and Political Science minor at CC and will be graduating this coming May–time is flying!

During my time at CC, I have been lucky enough to take classes in a wide variety of disciplines; I have tried to center themes of equity, empowerment, and emancipation throughout my studies. Particularly, I am interested in prison reform, women’s’ and LGBTQ+ rights, racial justice, and community organizing. My time in both the Sociology and Political Science departments has allowed me to take a more holistic and applied approach to the justice issues I care deeply about.

I view my time at the Quad as a direct continuation of these efforts. I have been lucky to work with the Food Access team, a project that has the potential to transform what food security looks like for many people here in the Springs. My favorite part about working at the Quad is the applied and hands-on nature of these projects. I absolutely love being able to immerse myself in the communities we are aiming to learn more about: I truly believe the best way to serve any community is to actually get to know the people within it.

So far on the Food Access Project, I have met so many inspiring community leaders and members who are already doing such important work on these issues and are excited to see what the Quad has in store. Additionally, the ability to collaborate closely with peers from fellow Colorado Springs institutions has provided immense moments of learning, growth, and comradery. I am grateful to work with such a fun and exciting student and mentors within the Food Access project.

When I am not at the Quad or doing school work, I spend my time with my friends or experimenting in the kitchen. I love food and the way it brings people together–another thing that excites me about this Food Access Project–so creating a meal and being able to share it with my friends is one of my favorite things to do. Last semester I also worked canvassing for gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis who went on to win the election and become the nation’s first-ever openly gay Governor. That was a happy moment.

Though I don’t have specific plans for after graduation yet, I am thinking of working on another campaign in the fall. After that, I plan to continue work that involves talking to people in their communities and learning what issues matter to them. This year, both canvassing and the Quad have helped me develop and refine that passion, and I can’t wait to meet all the incredible people along the way. So far working at the Quad has whirlwind and I definitely feel more equipped to deal with the professional world post-grad. As for now, I am eager to see the final product our team and the other Quad teams produce by the end of the semester!