Preston Semenuk // Student Story

April 4, 2019

Preston Semenuk is a Sophmore at the United States Air Force Academy majoring in Biology and minoring in Chinese. He joins the Quad on our Venetucci Farm project.

My name is Preston Semenuk and I’m a sophomore at the United States Air Force Academy. I’m originally from Richardson, TX (just north of Dallas). I’m majoring in Biology with a biotechnology and bio-engineering focus. I’m also minoring in Chinese and will study abroad in Taiwan next semester! I would love to fly after I graduate, and unless my family situation steers me otherwise, I’d love to fly fighters. I’m currently training to become an instructor pilot for our training gliders in order to teach underclassmen the fundamentals of aviation.

I joined the Quad because I wanted to gain real world experience in business. I wanted to work on the Venetucci project in particular because I’m doing biology research on the same molecules which are polluting Venetucci farm. I really love working with people from different schools because they all bring such different perspectives. Some are even running their own business while going to school! I think the Quad is a very valuable community resource because it benefits everyone it interacts with: the clients, the schools, and the students. I’m excited to continue working on this project and looking forward to our final recommendation for Pikes Peak Community Foundation!