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Mitch Risdon / Student Story

Mitch Risdon / Student Story

Mitch Risdon is a senior majoring in Professional Communication at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. He joins the Quad on our Venetucci Farm Project.

My name is Mitch Risdon. I am currently a senior attending the University of Colorado Colorado Springs majoring in Professional Communication with a minor in Leadership. I am originally from the Denver area, then chose to be a part of the Mountain Lion community. After graduating this May, I intend to work with a company to help improve their leadership and communication techniques.

Being an open minded individual I have incorporated my personal interests into my daily activities. In my free time, I embrace my artistic ability to paint on unusual canvases. Usually these canvases are used skis and snowboards. Through this outlet, I am able to utilize my creativity and love for snowboarding to demonstrate one of my many passions. Slowly but surely this hobby of mine will eventually transform into my own personal business. One of my many dreams is to ultimately open my own coffee shop; where locals artists are able to sell their artwork and advertise themselves.

Throughout any endeavor that may be revealed in the future, I believe that I will be able to utilize the skills and tactics that I have obtained from the Quad. I am currently involved within the Venetucci Farm Project. I originally joined the Quad because of its unique opportunity. This opportunity has increased my networking capacity and my ability to problem solve efficiently. From my perspective, networking is extremely important to advance within your professional development. The Quad has provided me the opportunity to network within the academic environment, as well as business professionals within the Colorado Springs community.

In addition to my current position within the Quad Innovation Partnership, I also work on campus at UCCS in the Excel Communication Center. I tutor other students on the proficiencies related to communication. These include public speaking skills, group facilitations, as well as mock interview tips.

I am excited to integrate the skills that I have learned and obtained from the Quad to help me grow as an individual on both a personal and professional level.

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