Ricci Cumpost // Student Story

April 17, 2019

Ricci Kumpost is a current student at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. She joins the Quad on our Altia Augmented Reality project team.

Ricci Kumpost is a Colorado native attending the University of Colorado Colorado Springs studying Sociology and will obtain her bachelor’s degree. She was born in Denver and lived in the Denver metro area until she moved to Colorado Springs with her family three years ago. Married with two small children four and two years old, Ricci takes the majority of her classes online. In between her time with her family, school and the Quad, Ricci delivers food around town via various mobile app delivery services.

Ricci has a love for learning and boasts a wide variety of additional interests including gardening/composting, microbiology, mysticism, and baking sourdough bread. Ricci has been in and out of school over the past few years trying different interests however, Sociology has led her to her desire to a future that consists of participation in community building and political activism. The Quad caters to her desires to create experiences while also allowing her to explore her interests as well connect with a city that is still fairly new to her.