Sonia Klein // Student Story

April 24, 2019

Sonia Klein is a Junior at Colorado College majoring in Environmental Science. She joins the Quad on our El Paso County Public Health Food Access Team.

Hello, I am Sonia Klein and I am a junior at Colorado College! I was born in Evanston, Illinois but have lived in Westport, Connecticut for 18 years. I came to Colorado in 2016 to attend college. Ever since the first time I visited this beautiful state, I knew I wanted to live here. I fell in love with Colorado because of the outdoor opportunities and kindness of the people I have met. In my time here, I have summited five of the intimidating fourteeners. I have the ambitious goal of climbing all 54 of them. I grew up skiing at Stratton mountain in Vermont, also known as “Flat-ton.” When I first skied in Colorado my breath was taken away (partially from altitude sickness) by the size, views, snow, and terrain of these mountains. Most of my weekends between October and April are spent skiing in Summit County.

However, let’s not forget that the main reason I am here is for school. I am studying integrated Environmental Science. This major is a culmination of chemistry, physics, and politics within the environmental field. I am a climate change activist and want to advocate to slow down our heated anthropogenic impacts as much as possible. I am studying this topic so I can best learn about why global climate change is happening so I can effectively convince and educate citizens on what they can do and why they should act.

I greatly care about the condition of people and nature around me. I believe that grassroots, individual action is a core source of change. However, education to learn about how and why to act is a privilege. This is how I became interested in food justice. Back in Connecticut, I worked for the nonprofit and urban farm, Green Village Initiative. This group farms and teaches to promote food justice and equity in Bridgeport, CT. They transformed a vacant parking lot to a high-functioning farm.

Working on this project was a pivot point in my life. I was exposed to the world of food deserts, nutritionless meals, and the vicious cycles of poverty and hunger. When I heard about the Food Access project in El Paso County through Quad, I immediately applied. I believe food is a fundamental right and everyone should have the opportunity to eat what they please, without having to hurdle enormous barriers.

Additionally, I love having the opportunity to further integrate myself in the community I live in. At Colorado College, I feel as though I am living in a bubble at times. It is important for me to know about the issues, updates, and news in the city I am living in. The Quad has given me this chance to integrate myself in my community and establish incredible relationships with students at other local schools, who I otherwise never would have met.

I believe that the Quad is a wonderful asset to Colorado Springs and am honored to be on the team this semester. Each project the Quad is currently working on is practical, beneficial to many, and an incredible chance for college students to experience what it is like to have a consulting career in a number of different fields.