Ashlyn Mathy // Student Story

May 16, 2019

Ashlyn Mathy is a recent Geology graduate from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. She joined the Quad during our Spring 2019 Semester on the Venetucci Farm Innovative Consulting project team.

My name is Ashlyn Mathy and I am a recent graduate from UCCS. Originally from Northbrook, I moved to Colorado after I received my Associates Degree to finish out my Bachelors Degree and to gain independence. I went to school for Geography.  More specifically I studied Environmental Studies with a minor in Sustainable Development. Now that I am graduated I have been applying for jobs in my field.

I want to educate the community on ways to make a positive impact on the planet. I am finishing up my internship with the Quad, the project I am working on is the Venetucci Farm project. So far it has been such a wonderful experience and working with students from different schools has created a great group dynamic.

I believe that the Quad has proven to be an asset to the community for providing students experience and creating networks for everyone involved. The Quad offers experience and often, offers a path towards success for each student’s journey. In my free time I can be found outside enjoying the world around me. I love horseback riding and going out for trail rides in the Garden of the Gods. Working with horses is a huge passion of mine.

I have recently been a part of environmental photo shoots as a way to educate the community, shed some light on environmental issues, and raise money for non-profits. The Quad has become a big part of my life and I have learned so much from this experience and I am excited to see where my future takes me.