Timothy Burd // Student Story

July 5, 2019

Timothy Burd is a Sophomore at the United States Air Force Academy studying Economics and Management. He joined the Quad on our Spring 2019 Affordable Housing Project.

My name is Timothy Burd and I am a sophomore at the United States Air Force Academy. I am from Poolville, Texas, an extremely small-town west of Dallas and grew up on a ranch. While attending USAFA, I am majoring in Economics and Management. While attending the Academy, I aide fellow classmates to stay fit through a reconditioning program. In my free time I snowboard and explore the region. After graduation, I plan to be a hospital administrator or to go back into my previous enlisted field and be a logistics officer. 

I joined the Spring 2019 QUAD Affordable Housing team as it not only has an altruistic impact on the community but also aligns with my management and economics major. One of my favorite parts about this initiative is that it allows the team to traverse through all of the research and determine a solution on our own. While doing so, the team is composed of individuals from separate colleges and we all have different majors and career intentions. This aspect is my favorite as we all bring different perspectives and understandings to the table. In turn, our differences usually complement each other’s and allows us to further progress the project. I enjoy working with the QUAD and creating affordable housing for the local community.