Justin Jones-Phillips // Student Story

August 8, 2019

Dustin Jones-Phillips is a cadet currently attending the United States Air Force Academy.  His decision to attend the Air Force Academy is born from a desire to constantly challenge himself while positively impacting the lives of others. Hailing from a tradition of military service, Dustin’s grandfather flew in the Air Force as well. A major in Civil Engineering, Dustin is currently contemplating careers as a pilot or engineer for the air force.  

Earlier this year, Dustin participated in the Field Engineering and Readiness Laboratory, a three-week summer program with a curriculum including: heavy machinery operation, construction, management, and leadership skills.  Before moving to Colorado Springs, Dustin spent time learning and training at the Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, FL. A native of Eugene, Oregon Dustin he ran track and played football at Marist High School. When Dustin is not doing homework, he spends as much time as possible on the weekends skiing at his favorite mountain, Arapahoe Basin.  He also enjoys mountain biking, running, and rock climbing. Dustin finds joy and satisfaction in leading an active, outdoor oriented life and loves living in Colorado Springs where he has access to tremendous outdoor recreation  

 Dustin became interested in working with the Quad innovation partnership after becoming aware of the project-based impact model being utilized. Seeking an opportunity to meaningfully connect with the Colorado Springs community, Dustin worked on the food access project in partnership with (Colorado Springs Food Rescue) (I think).  His decision to contribute his talents to this project came from a desire to be a part of the creation of a solution that directly empowers Colorado Springs residents to improve their health and wellness. Dustin has thoroughly enjoyed working with students from other schools because of the large variety of life experiences and perspectives present within project groups.  He believes that the Quad excels by utilizing various student perspectives in order to arrive at creative and uniquely impactful solutions.  Dustin’s continued motivation to create solutions is the result of observing of the positive impact his efforts have towards bettering the experiences of his fellow community members.