Cole Simon // Student Story

August 28, 2019

Last spring, Cole Simon was a junior at Colorado College studying economics and environmental science. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland he has begun to call Colorado and the mountain landscape his home after falling in love with the myriad outdoor activities and living in a vibrant, growing city.

Cole was a part of one of Quad’s projects last year that worked with the city of Colorado Springs and El Paso County to develop an innovative way to improve access to social services. He loved learning about the city, its history, and its hidden gems (did you know that COS had the first Wi-Fi-enabled bus?). During the spring semester, Cole returned as a part of the Colorado Springs Utilities team who examined the future of energy in Colorado Springs. Additionally, the team explored how different scenarios of renewable energy and natural gas production might affect local residents and the environment. Cole states that working with the Quad created an opportunity to meet other amazing students in the area and work toward impactful solutions for meaningful issues. This project was close to my heart, as I am passionate about environmental economics and finding economic opportunity in environmental protection and conservation. 

Cole believes that the Quad holds unique utility in the realm of student professional development by providing the occasion to work closely with clients, collaborate with a diverse group of incredible students, and think critically and creatively about real-world problems. 

In addition to the Quad, Cole works for the Office of Admission at CC, and is the cruciverbalist (crossword puzzle maker) for the school newspaper. He also loves cooking, cuddling with his cats, and playing with his dogs. He is also an avid intramural sports player and Netflix binge-watcher.