Caroline Williams // Student Story

September 3, 2019

Whenever anyone asked ten-year-old Caroline Williams about her dream job, she would respond with one word “Veterinarian”. Her cats, Abraham Lincoln and Mr. Cat, captivated her youthful affections and interest. However, during freshman year of high school, her plans shifted. After dissecting a small pig, as well as a cow’s eyeball, the formaldehyde accompanied by the dismembered cornea altered 10-year-old Caroline’s plan. She decided that her cats did not need their owner to become a vet. Abe and Mr. Fluffy could feel her love just as much if she simply continued to feed them Fancy Feast every morning. 

She was certain that being a Vet was not in her cards, but Caroline had other interests in the realms of watching television and playing field hockey. She couldn’t foresee a lucrative career as a paid viewer of The Office, or a professional field hockey player; although a girl could dream. She wanted to transition her ambitions away from taking care of our furry friends but did not know where she wanted to shift her attention to. She started to keep a running list of random impressions, feelings, and ideas on a notes page in her phone. 

Towards the end of High School, Caroline started to realize that she could use writing as an outlet for the stories she enjoyed viewing and sharing. Writing/storytelling took on many forms: Television, Comedy, Podcasting, as well as Fiction and Non-Fiction work. After realizing how much she enjoyed writing and the narrative abilities it provided, the desire to explore as many facets of the craft as possible grew. She began performing stand-up comedy. The running notes page of random thoughts became her source of materials. Caroline started a radio show and practiced writing for audio production. During her time in college, she has continued to explore writing stand-up comedy, as well as audio podcasts and news pieces for the radio.

Caroline is studying Creative Writing and Journalism at Colorado College. Caroline loves “studying” creative writing because it is essentially for the production of new ideas. As Caroline enters into her senior year of college, she looks forward to finding novel avenues to transition her passion into a career that provides a similar level of satisfaction and enjoyment.