Harley Guzman // Student Story

October 3, 2019

Harley Guzman is a Sociology major and Linguistics minor at Colorado College. Born in South River, New Jersey. Now a senior at Colorado College, Harley worked with the Quad last spring semester as part of the affordable housing for senior citizens in partnership with Innovations In Aging. Harley believes that social norms have isolated both seniors and people of low socioeconomic status, and wanted to work on a project that could address both of these issues.

Her favorite part about working with the Quad was meeting members of the community who are tackling the issue of affordable housing and senior issues. Harley feels that working with students from different institutions has helped her to develop a more comprehensive and nuanced perspective.
Harley shared her feelings when asked about how working with the Quad impacted her career aspirations:

“Quad is an asset to the community because they help develop students professionally to become leaders in their community. Additionally, the Quad provides community organizations with consultation while developing these student’s consultation and leadership skills. The Quad has given me a chance to learn from my community, grow from the experience, and give back to my community with the information that I am learning.
At the start of my semester with the Quad, I wanted to go to law school, but my experience throughout the semester has allowed me to think critically about my future aspirations. I have learned that I love being around people and constantly learning from others around me. I have learned that people are good at heart, and I want to focus on the inherent good in humanity with the future career path I choose. Because of this, I am exploring a future career in social work. Without the Quad, I would not have come to this realization. “