Takudzwa Nhira // Student Story

October 10, 2019

Takudzwa Nhira is a senior Economics major at Colorado College. In addition to this semester’s internship at the Quad, he works at the Office of Campus Activities at Colorado College, where he helps to plan and publicize on-campus programming for students. A native of Zimbabwe, he also lived in South Africa and Eswatini before moving to the United States to begin work towards his bachelor’s degree. He enjoys playing soccer and reading in his spare time.

His primary motivation for moving to the United States was to experience an environment that was radically different from the one he grew up in. Moving here allowed him to see the world from a different point of view and gain new ways of understanding his place in the world. After graduation, Takudzwa hopes to find work as a research assistant in economics or in consulting. In the medium term, he hopes to study development economics in graduate school.

He joined the Quad because of the real-world experience working there offers. He also found the program compelling because the work he would do positively impacts his immediate community. Much of the work done in undergraduate programs has significance, but he often felt disconnected from the topics approached at school. In the Quad, he found the perfect antidote to that. He is part of the Smart Cities project. His team is investigating different ways the City of Colorado Springs can partner with higher-education institutions and start-ups in the area in order to progress the smart technology programs. The project is already rewarding because Takudzwa has learned more about Colorado Springs in the last two weeks than he had learned in three years living here. He wants to keep finding new, interesting information about his home in the United States.

He considers the Quad to be a community asset because of the very particular way it harnesses the young talent available in the area. It is incredibly valuable to bring students together from different academic frameworks and have them work on projects that benefit Colorado Springs directly.