Frank Carber // Student Story

October 18, 2019

Frank Carber is a Computer Science major at UCCS. With a parent in the Navy, Frank grew up across the U.S. in Virginia, California, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Florida and abroad in Bahrain. Moving frequently as a kid, Frank has grown to love traveling and has been to 8 countries so far. In addition to traveling, Frank is passionate about running, swimming, crosswords, cooking and, to balance all the computer coding, he also likes to practice his writing and drawing skills.

Frank currently works on the Smart City Project with the Quad. He chose this project because of its direct application of technology to improve the community. Frank joined the Quad to expand his connections with people from different schools and contribute to the technologic advancement of Colorado Springs. He feels fortunate to be a part of this project and has benefited by being a member of the community as a whole. Through the Smart Cities project, he hopes to contribute a positive change to Colorado Springs and gain practical experience in research and large-scale project implementation.

So far Frank’s favorite part about working with the Quad is the insight it has given him to the extensive, untapped resources in Colorado Springs institutions. He is excited to help the city utilize these resources during this semester with the Quad. Working in a team of students from different institutions, he has come to value the depth of knowledge and insight that his team-mates have to offer.

Thus far, the experience has given Frank great respect for the work already done in Colorado Springs and excited about the future to come for the city, feeling fortunate to be a part of that future. After the Quad, he hopes to relay this experience into a software engineering internship with a government agency or private company. Following graduation, Frank hopes to start a career in Data Analysis or Machine Learning Engineering.