Case Study
Organizational Resilience

Client: Coalition of philanthropic foundations

Task: Equip nonprofit leaders and funders with what they need to respond successfully to changing circumstances.

Disruptions from the Covid-19 Pandemic have threatened essential community services and nonprofits; this work focused on understanding exactly how nonprofits have been impacted and what specific strategies can be used to improve organizational resilience in order to protect essential community services. First, a Quad Research Fellow (recently graduated professional) conducted the 2020 State of Nonprofit Survey and identified key challenges facing area nonprofits, broken down by size, sector, and budget. Then, a team of interdisciplinary students surveyed academic research on resilience, identified key components of resilience for operational and strategic sustainability, and developed an assessment matrix for organizations to identify areas where resilience can be bolstered. Moving forward, the assessment matrix will be tested by nonprofit leadership, and a resource library will be developed to inform the development of organization-specific strategies for long term resiliency.


2020 State of Nonprofit Survey (June, 2020)

Components of Resilience White Paper

Assessment Matrix

Assessment Instructions