Case Study
Suicide Prevention
Spring 2020

Client: Children’s Hospital Colorado & Partners

Task: Prevent teen and adolescent suicide

Colorado has one of the highest suicide rates in the country, and El Paso County is an epicenter. This ongoing work supports both region-wide program development strategy and tactical implementation of emotional resilience programs that keep kids alive. First, teams of students evaluated available academic data on in-school suicide prevention program efficacy and impact, engaged with area school and program administrators, and identified a set of criteria that can be used to match schools with the right program for their students and community. Then, a separate group of students began an environmental scan of Pikes Peak region suicide prevention programs to increase awareness and inform future work building more support for young people going through challenges.


Program evaluations that PCMH is using to scale support to schools across Colorado. Subsequent work to map area suicide prevention and emotional health programs in El Paso County is under development.