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The Quad currently offers two distinct programs. Each program equips students and recent graduates with the tools and experience to take a project from start to finish, work in a high-pressure team environment, and work with clients to deliver what they need.

Innovation Consulting

Completing scope-based projects that last anywhere from one semester to a calendar year, Innovation Consulting teams combine 4-6 qualified students and graduate with dedicated faculty advisors and professional project management. Teams leverage design thinking, systems thinking, and qualitative and quantitative analysis to create new value for their clients, building professional networks and key experience along the way that will sustain impact well after the project concludes.


A nimbler option to meet a much broader set of needs, the Quad’s Research Fellowship sustains recent graduates performing project-based and ongoing work for area companies and organizations. The Quad hires graduates within two years of completing school, and ensures that each fellow leverages the collective capacities of all four partner schools to maximize value delivered to their clients. Completing 3-6 different projects over a 12-month fellowship builds a foundation of results to jumpstart post-fellowship careers.

Summer Intensive Program

Turn your ideas into action, expand your networks, develop your professional experience, solve pressing community problems, and create impact in the city you live in through the Quad Innovation Partnership’s four-week signature immersion program. This paid, action-oriented, full-time experience will allow you to dive deeply into a business or community problem, create tangible results and, most importantly, set you up for rapid professional accomplishment and leadership positions after graduation.

Current Innovation Consulting Projects


Innovation Research projects
Ongoing, can start at any time

Project proposal deadlines: Innovation Consulting
April (Project start date: June)
– July (Project start date: September)
– November (Project start date: February)

Student application deadlines: Innovation Consulting
– April (Project start date: June)
– September (Project start date: September)
– January (Project start date: February)

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