Improving Access to Social Services

with City of Colorado Springs and El Paso County

August 7, 2018

The City of Colorado Springs and El Paso County want to improve social services access for people in the region. This Quad project has 3 phases and phases 1 and 2 have already been completed. Phase 1 was research and discovery. During this phase the spring Quad team identified primary barriers to access, synthesized viable areas of improvement, analyzed comparable solutions in other regions, designed a concept solution addressing root barriers, and performed preliminary financial impact analysis. All of this work was packaged into a report.

Phase 2 was ideation and design. The Phase 2 summer team took the work from phase 1 and designed a concept system to increase information accessibility and trust, thereby reducing barriers preventing service utilization. This work was also packaged into a report.

Phase 3 will be the synthesis phase. This phase will synthesize reports 1 and 2 into a final report that delivers recommendations on social service and information access for the city and county, including good, better, best analysis for current and proposed systems.  This team will also go deeper into why people don’t access services and will give recommendations on how to best reach target people. Applications for this phase will not be open to everyone, only students and recent graduates who were a part of phase 1 or 2 will be eligible to participate. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.