Market Analysis: Virtual Reality

with Altia

December 12, 2018

Altia is a tech company headquartered in Colorado Springs that provides powerful, professional-grade embedded graphical user interface (GUI) development tools. The tools help creative, customer-focused designers and software engineers worldwide deploy game-changing ways for users to interact with their devices and the internet. Automotive, medical, industrial and consumer electronics companies rely on Altia’s best-in-class software and services to get their GUIs into production. They are moving into the world of augmented reality (AR). AR is poised to transform how we interact with the world. Spend this semester identifying how this emerging technology will affect how we interact with our cars, and how an area technology company can capture the emerging automotive AR market. Work alongside Altia VP of Marketing to equip Altia with information they need to become leaders in the market including market overview, competitive advantages, and opportunities.