Workplace Excellence: Sustainable, Dynamic Mentorship for Female-Identifying Employees

with Colorado College ITS Department

January 1, 2020

Colorado College’s ITS Department, with support from Human Resources, has identified a gap in structured, on-campus support for female-identifying staff and faculty. Mentorship programs have been shown to facilitate the development of leadership and technical skills as well as support overall guidance and confidence. This project is researching the most effective mentorship models nationwide to inform the development of a high-impact mentorship program on campus. The priorities for this on-campus program are building a more inclusive workplace, supporting advocacy and career advancement for female-identifying employees, and overall networking.

Results: Academic and relational research of industry-wide best practices shaped a pilot program executed during the 2020 Spring academic semester. Insight and recommendations are being used to shape and scale college-wide strategy related to mentorship and professional development.