The Student Experience

It starts with an application.

We look for attitude and aptitude. The most important criteria: students who are eager to translate ideas into valuable action and are committed to collaborative personal growth.

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Then, meet your team.

You will work alongside a small team of peers rich with diverse experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. Your team will be assigned a research topic from one of our client organizations. It could be a specific scope of work from one of our partners, or an exploration of something more open-ended. You can indicate your preference in the application.

Student Stories

Form your plan of attack.

Your team’s first task is to figure out how you’re going to solve your assigned problem. What does success look like? How are you going to get there, together? Quad staff and faculty advisors will be here to support you, but our role is to support your leadership. Figuring out how to collaborate, problem solve, and iterate is part of the process.

Next, do the work.

Conduct interviews, review literature, prototype and test your ideas—whatever it takes to tackle your topic. This work is largely independent, but you’ll connect with your team several times each week to review progress and coordinate next steps. The Quad team, your project client, and the broader community will also engage regularly throughout the process to offer feedback, direction, and help.

Produce your deliverable.

Collaborate with your team to produce the final deliverable for your client – a report, recommendation, model, or whatever else they asked for. You’ll present your findings privately to them, and also to the public at Demo Day.

Sound right for you?

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