The Quad will be closing on December 31, 2022.
Thank you to everyone who was part of this unique collaboration.

The Quad is more than
an internship.

It’s an opportunity for real-life problem solving while creating relationships that last a lifetime.

Being part of the Quad experience makes you a better problem solver, a better community leader, and a better global citizen.

Student Experience

The Quad is more than
a research consulting program.

It’s an innovative partnership of diverse thinkers solving problems in a usable, actionable way.

We’re relentlessly committed to producing relevant insight that informs your decisions and elevates your impact.

Partner Opportunities

The Quad is more than
a community project.

It’s a shared purpose that serves for-profit, non-profit, and civic organizations and initiatives across sectors.

By helping organizations think about local issues in dynamic ways, the Quad is providing innovative solutions that benefit the entire Pikes Peak region.

Our Work

The Quad is more than
a partnership.

The Quad is an innovative joint initiative of Colorado College, Pikes Peak State College, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and the US Air Force Academy (insofar as authorized by Federal Law) that facilitates teams of interdisciplinary students advancing strategic work for area clients and initiatives.

The Quad offers a a collaborative, neutral forum to advance understanding of and drive data-informed decision-making around complex, high priority issues.